Releases and future plans

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    Releases and future plans

    Post by -Hawk- on Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:25 pm

    NEW SITE -----
    NEW FORUM --

    Medieval Collab II got 5th place daily on NewGrounds :
    It was a great release, thanks to Jousteh and the participants and I heard there's a 3rd one on the way. ^_^

    I will be finishing "Protect the Noob" Collab, which was started a while ago by Jousteh with an idea by XeKia. It's part of my "rehabilitation" plan for the collabs section, basically trying to revive a few of the collabs. Join if you like it: You'll be more than appreciated.
    Also: Rather Cheesy's Tower Collab. Help him finish this masterfully planned one. It's going to be really fun animating this and I guarantee the final product will look great. ^_^

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